About us

We have been involved in IT for over 25 years. It started with passion many years ago. From the first submitted Personal Computer. From the first mice, motherboards, keyboards, dot matrix printers, which today "roar in the head". There were plenty of "chatting computers" in the corridors of the Nicolaus Copernicus University, when we were learning the basics of Linux. Windows was too easy :-). Networks, networks, internet, programming, university, company. All these images have not fallen out of my head yet. Because we like it, work is also our hobby ...

We offer websites

We make new pages based on the materials and texts provided. We also look after existing pages. We supplement these pages with modifications. The biggest problem at work on an old or new website, this is not usually given by everyone design and materials for the site. The biggest opponent in this job is time. We try to help customers by respecting their very valuable time limit. We want to participate as much as possible in creating a new website idea.
Our offer also includes complex pages - Computer programs. A note of modernity will often help the company image in customer relations. Encourage cooperation.

In our town and in Warsaw we repair computers and laptops

We offer quick repair times. We prefer repairs in our workshop, but simple repairs at home are also possible at the customer. We put together new computers tailored to the needs. We install systems, necessary software and internet hardware.

IT orders

Document circulation programs, e.g. written in Excel, to automate the office can speed up the work of producing documents. Purchased computers should be used in the office as efficiently as possible. Usually, programs sold on the market are profiled for 1000 similar companies. Companies selling the program have a strong marketing department, which boasts incredible popularity and efficiency. All this for money ... Such programs even after adaptation to the company (after implementation) often do not give a clear acceleration of work. After-sales care is often poor, and these programs are done in such a way to constantly require care.
The solution is even a simple program from the beginning designed for a specific company. Not requiring complicated implementation and training - intuitive.
The standard implementation of available programs often involves disabling 999 unnecessary and unnecessary options. We recommend striving for MINIMALISM instead of searching for a MAXIMALISM problem.

IT emergency

In Płock and the surrounding area and in Warsaw, we provide assistance as an IT Emergency. We also offer remote assistance as a complement to the service.

Standing orders + Helpdesk

We offer permanent IT cooperation. The company's strategy is not to maximize profits, but to maximize properly done work. We do not aspire to grow the company to the size of a corporation. We expect a certain size of the business that will not be guaranteed above all a professional and honest approach to the client when conducting business.

Have a nice day! Have fun!