It is work in Canadian company, in the partnership program wchich allows to generate passive income.

What is BannersBroker?

BannersBroker is an innovative online advertising agency, established in Toronto, in Canada, founded in November 2010. The company operates in the online advertising market worth over 500 billion dollars a year and has so far paid more than $200 million commission for their partners. The company has currently more than 300,000 partners. According to forecasts, in 2012 the value of commissions paid to their affiliates reach $150 million.

BannersBroker works on online advertising market. Just like Google. Online advertising market is huge. Google last year earned almost $38 billion, of which 95% was earned by advertising! Revenues compared to 2010 increased by $10 billion, i.e. 37%!

BannersBroker do what Google, Facebook and Youtube are doing - trying to break off a piece of cake in the Internet advertising market, and this cake is worth $500 billion annually. Google, Facebook, Youtube are no longer what it was before - a search engine, social network and library of the video. Now these are the giants of the advertising market, earning billions of dollars every year. Facebook, Google, Youtube and others like not share billions dollars with gray-users, but BannerBroker want to do this.

The Giants do not have to share their earnings because they are giants. Those who are not giant, like the BannersBroker at this time, must seek new, alternative ways to enter the world of online advertising. But everything goes in the right direction. As will be more than 150 thousand of BannersBroker partners in the near future, BannersBroker creators will be able to go negotiate with large customers, such as BMW and Coca-Cola, but today BannersBroker must have to rely on hundreds of thousands of small customers, often with personal web pages,

It's about generating traffic, ie traffic, because it is gold of the Internet, who has the traffic, that dictates the terms. The giants of online advertising have about 20% of the market. Other 80% have smaller players. BannersBroker has the ambition to reach 10% and now has about ... 0.03%! Market for online advertising continues to grow, it is estimated that by 2015. is expected to rise further by about 30%. This bottomless pit, and it is now is the time to make money. BannersBroker after 21 months of activity here see similar output slightly more than 150 billion ads Google does it in 3 or 4 days. But for BannersBroker is a chance to obtain such results.

The development of BannersBroker

BannersBroker now has branches in five countries. Between 8 and 15 July 2012 in the Portuguese Algarve BannersBroker conventions were held. Those who decided to go there, will not regret it. They had the opportunity to directly meet other partners in the BannerBroker, meet the owner and employees. Congress of the Portuguese was the official opening of the Banners Broker in Europe. The plan is to open another five branches.

How does it work?

We buy so-called panels (advertising space), which earn us money. Profit from each purchase is 100% of the panel, however, depending on the panel time to generate 100% profit is from 2-16 weeks. To be able to buy a panel, you must first purchase a package, which includes the monthly fee ($15) and one or more panels (depending on package price). You can buy one package, the number of panels is unlimited.

We do not have to deal with the panels themselves and look for places on the Web, where to place the advertising panels. BannersBroker do it for us. We only buy BannersBroker packages and panels.

How to start?

First steps in BannersBroker

  1 Free registration of the person providing link
  2. Knowledge of the principles of earning and selection of strategies
  3 Payment of money to your e-wallet one of the wallets providers: Payza, STP, or by credit card
  4 Purchase a package of panels and activating
  5 Optional - purchase a package of traffic'u and panels
  6 BannersBroker business promotion - affiliate program


1. Free registration of the person providing link

Registration in BannersBroker is free and can be made only with your link recruiter. You can not register the company without a recruiter. Registration is free. You can register and do not ever buy anything, packages or panels

You can register and then for two months to learn the rules. Now you can access after registering on the site for a multitude of materials and instructional videos in English. You have daily conferences in English and even Hindi. The system is very well organized.

Your sponsor can send you the materials, manuals.

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2. Knowledge of the principles of earning and selection of strategies

You must know the rules of earning and choose a strategy.

The financial elements of the BannersBroker system

  a) Panels - shares in areas of advertising,
  b) Traffic - page views with ads,
  c) Booster - speeds up the panels by 50%,
  d) Subscription - the monthly administrative fee

Package - a set of panels on first purchase, which includes a free traffic for two cycles. It is important to choose the best package for you that will bring adequate financial effects.

You have to think at the beginning of many in the context of the strategy being pursued and will try to answer a few questions. what amount of money you want to enter?. Whether it be single amount or over the first two, three, four months have come some new payments? What are the expectations from the company of this business?

What are the exit strategies? Each strategy should have a business plan. Even the very general to the issue of funding. On the issue of development and extraction of gains. In any business, you can not get income as here. Here you can allow ourselves to put some comfort that capital will grow and within 2 or 3 months, its value will on the panel and continue working for you.

Because at that time 2 to 3 misięcy at least 100% you are able to multiply the capital, where it is less money they can not be too soon to withdraw from this business, the idea is that every month withdraw from that like $500, $1000 and there are people who say they withdraw only when they have more money.

3. Payment of money to your e-wallet one of the wallets providers: Payza, STP, or by credit card.

To fund your BannersBroker account eWallet choose from the website menu eWallet -> Fund eWallet.

eWallet can be credited with a credit card or one of the wallets providers: payza or STP (Solid Trust Pay). There is a charge of 5%.

4. Purchase a package of panels and activating

To purchase a package select from the menu on the website Panels -> Purchase Packages.

Where we choose the corresponding package .

5. Optional - purchase a package of traffic'u and panels

To purchase a panels select from the menu on the website Panels -> Purchase Panels.

Where we choose the corresponding panels.

When you buy traffic-pack, you have to select all fields. Remember number of trafic pack must be re-purchased in the next each months. It is a strict requirement.

6. BannersBroker business promotion - affiliate program

Recommendations BannersBroker brings the benefits of the traffic, and limits on the panels.

How to withdraw money earned in the company?

Currently, we have only one type of withdrawals from the company's websites - BannersBroker prepaid card.

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