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The Action Plan

Wealth4All is in the past. With legislative reasons.
The law did not allow the program to survive. It was created a new platform called Primus Hub.
So officially was made private Club. The American government didn't close more than 70 such clubs
Therefore Wealth4All Board, decided on just such a form.

People who will register on the old site W4AT till the end of October, will pay $ 1 lifetime membership for entry into the Club.
All registered after that date, pay $ 14.95 per year.
(in Account Status tab is a link [Click here] for the contract wchich you must sign, in the option Make a Payment you can pay membership wchich costs $ 1)

Primus Hub members will have several opportunities to earn.

1. Primus Social - social system
2. Primus Auctions - penny auctions
3. Primus Marketing - 2x20 matrix
4. Primus Ads - Ads
5. Primus Mall - shop

If you decide you want to join the matrix, the monthly fee will apply in the amount of $ 12.95..
In addition to this fee, condition receiving profits from the matrix, will direct sponsoring a minimum of two people..
They also need to be active, ie should pay a monthly subscription. The matrix earn commissions referrals to the fifth level.
Next the matrix is ​​filled in automatically by the system.

In a few days will start a new page.
Everyone will have to re-register.
Club pays special attention to business ethics.

Page W4AT will operate until the end of payments Adv. Unit Value.
For each AU has been charged $ 0.90.
Payment will be made systematically, at the moment, once a month.
In the case of good standing of the club, the waiting time for Payment will be shortened or the money will be paid once.

Currently, funds from the E-Wallet Balance Available, can be used for the purchase of Founders Shares or withdraw.
But you have to consider certain conditions.

If you have no funds higher than 50 $, we can withdraw a one-off.
If you have the funds $ 50 ÷ $ 200, you can withdraw only 20%.
Above 200 $ you can withdraw only 10%.
The next withdraw will be on November 15. So you should not worry, that only $ 20 and only 10% can be paid now
Then on Nov. 15 will be able to withdraw the entire amount.
This will happen because the newly formed association does not know how many people will buy the shares and how many will not buy, how many people will join the program, etc.

Already you can see, once again, that the owners will not let W4AT do harm to its members and you have to appreciate it.
This uncommon venture created by an unheard-of people.
Danny Cianciulli and the rest of the partners and many volunteers admins, I think one of the unsung heroes can be Victor Ronzulli - the guy who came up with the plan W4AT
This honest people so that W4AT program was one of the most pleasant surprises in 2011 and 2012.
W4AT proved to be one of the best online businesses in 2012.
Genesis is a new project will be a long-term program that will allow many people to earn good money.
Join fair project. It's so hard to find an honest business on the Internet.
Link to the conference about the new project: W4A & PrimusHub Most Recent Updates
On the internet you can find lots of information on the founder of W4AT, which is Danny Cianciulli.i.
He is a passionate fan of God and certainly a good man.
His biography is published on the W4AT and many social networking sites.

Invested capital: 828$ + bonus 10% = 910$ = 36.432 Found Shares (15 October 2012)
Withdraw: 0%
Last withdraw -

The program accepts only unique eWallet called i-Payout, represented as

Online since: October 2011 (W4AT)

You can join the program by prelaunch link - Primus Hub (Primus Social Prelaunch)Genesis Project


How to register?

First Click on the Join Now button..

Then a window will appear


Desired Username: Your Nick

Create password: Password

and e-mail, telephone, codes of image

and click Sign UP

3rd On the next page you will get the address of your reflink

I got reflink

4) If possible use the Same user name you have with W4all, because if you have a card with i-Payout
it will be transferred to the new i-Payout for PrimusHub,
if you do not use the same username you will have to buy a new card.
5) Once you are signed up, you will receive an email from the system and so you can set up your I-payout account


Read the instruction how to configure i-Payout account

Link to log into i-Payout

Message from the last time: (16 December 2012)
W4AT returns. Relaunch phase will happen (back) W4AT in the first week of the new year 2013.
Before this, the changes will be carried out regarding Tabs.
As promised, the AU will be paid by our site W4AT.
However, to be eligible for payment, we have to be GOLD MEMBER
Detailed information about these changes will be reported in the near future.
Value Tabs will be shaped like this

Tap1 = 8 AU
Tap2 = 16 AU
Tap3 = 32 AU
Tap4 = 64 AU
Tap5 = 96 AU

After Tap5 the whole process starts again as it was in W4AT.
so for example Tap6 = as Tap1, etc.

Tap 1 and Tap 2 - will earn $ 0.60 for one AU
Tap 3,4 and 5 - will earn $ 0.50 for one AU

Weekly Payouts have been established in the amount of $ 500
in the future they will be increased.
The condition is being a member of the Club.
The exact premium will be given in the near future.
SMS is running and advertising,
for additional cash flow from the outside.
Shersy will be paid 25% of the profit Primus and not, as previously written with a 15% profit.

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