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W4AT RETURNS - Wealth For All Team - and is already running

New Wealth 468

W4AT started. At the beginning of January 2013 there has been a reactivation of the well-known program.
W4AT operates on a different basis than before.
The program operates on the old side internetowej https://wealth4allteam.com/?spon=59757
At the beginning of the conference W4AMA Marketing Agency established:

- W4at was no longer exist, it was restored at the request of users,
- To become a member of the new w4at must pay an annual premium of $ 10 for one
year, then $ 14.95 for the next (every year) - and you must do so by 31 January, then
the charge will be $ 14.95, and $ 14.95 for the next year (if you already have paid the
premium for PrimusHub in the amount of $ 14.95, the premium for w4at will be $ 1, and vice versa)
- Deposits - a minimum of $ 10, max $ 10,000
- Earnings of 2.1% per day (initially supposed to be 1.6%), automatic reinvestment of
50%, you can reinvest only Bucket (money that goes automatically reinvested)
cash from Cash Balance you have to withdraw to W4AT I-Payout
- When you earn 50% of the original deposit to continue to earn in the program, you have to pay a new money from I-Payout to system
- AU will be repaid from the profits of w4at on W4AT website

- Weekly payments have been set at a maximum of $ 500 - you can not withdraw more from the program than the $ 500 per week
- There are 2 referral levels, the first 5%, other 2.5%
- Money for the payments will come from new deposits, sell products, advertisements and other projects
- If you have an account with w4at and if you do not deposit the money until 31 January,
your account will be closed and the AU taken (unless you have a Gold account is PrimusHub your account will remain as it was)
- Use gmail email account, yahoo is not good (w4at block this), hotmail or msn

How to start?

Step 1. Please sign up with the link - https://wealth4allteam.com/?spon=59757

NOTE! If you have an account in W4AT you do not need to open an account again in W4A 2.0
In the box, enter your e-mail adress na @gmail.com other account can be interlocked

Step number 2. Private Membership Agreement Signing

Press Click Here...

Enter your name in the box to the right of the names and choose -> I accept the terms of agreement and press Submit

Step number 3. Login to I-Payout W4AT and pay money (or create an account at I-Payout and deposit)

Payments can be made via STP to eWallet option

Payments can be made also by UMS Online Banking to eWallet option

This option enables very fast payment from the account of many banks

Step number 4. In W4AT Deposit Funds you have to paid the amount you want to invest plus membership fee for example $100 + $10 = $110

Step number 5. Add Funds to pay membership fee for 2013 year. Membership fee to 31 January 2013 is $10
After January 31, 2013 membership fee will be $14.95

Step number 6. Add Funds - add money you want to invest for example $100


W4AT Glossary:

Total Deposit
The sum of all payments including membership fee for 2013 year ($ 10)

Total Inwested
- The sum of all invested funds (Total Deposit minus membership fee ($ 10)

Maximum Payout
- - It is 150% of the Total Invested. If you invest $ 1,000 you can withdraw max $ 1500
to earn more in W4AT you should invest more money, eg $ 1,000 that you withdrawed to I-Payout ($ 500 for example you can withdraw by prepaid card from I-Payout)

Cumulative Inwestment
- It is the sum of Total Invested plus Reinvestment from Re-invest Bucket
The mathematical formula - Cumulative Investment = Total Invested + Re-Invest Bucket we use every day.
Every day we add by option ADD FUNDS 50% of our daily profits from Re-Invest Bucket.
Each day the amount of Cumulative Inwestment grows by 1.05%, this is half of the daily income.
Daily earnings in two baskets Re-Invest Bucket and Cash Bucket
grow thanks to this in the coming days

Daily Earnings
the amount of daily earnings to 2.1% of the sum of Cumulative Inwestment
If will not add by the option ADD FUNDS dolars from Re-Invest Bucket to system - earnings will constant
and for $ 1000 investment it will be $ 21 per day.

Cash Bucket
- Basket of dollars ready to pay - it is 50% of the amount of Cumulative Investment.
Money from Cash Bucket can be withdrawal per I-Payout money processor. Minimum withdrawal is $ 20
Commission is $ 1.25. Funds will be in I-Payout up to max 48 hours.

Re-Inwest Bucket
Basket of dollars for reinvestment - it is 50% of the amount of Cumulative Investment.
Money from Re-Invest Bucket we have to pay daily to system by ADD FUNDS option
This increasing the amount Cumulative Inwestment.

Total Withdrawn
this is the sum of withdrawals to I-Payout

Available Balance
Same as Cash Bucket

Total Balance
Cash Bucket and Re-Invest Bucket sum

Accumulated Payout
- Is the total amount of money possible to withdraw (and alredy withdrawed)
It is of course related to the sum wchich we "invested"
oraz ewentualnymi działaniami wykorzystującymi subkonto reinvest.
Accumulated Payout value can grow up to the level set by the Maximum Payout.

- Commission in the direction I-payout-> w4at is zero.
Commission in the direction w4at-> I-payout is $1.25.
Minimum withdrawal to I-payout processor is $20.
Withdrawal funds will be in I-payout processor in max 48 hours


Data for the calculations:

Start of the project: January 9, 2013
End of project: April 8, 2013
Amount invested: $ 1000
Maximum Payout = $ 1,500
Accumulated Payout = Cash Bucket + Total Withdrawn
Every day we have to use option ADD FUNDS to add dolars from Re-Invest Bucket to system
At the end of 90 days we will receive Total Withdrawn: $ 1,533
From what we can withdraw to the I-Payout $ 1,500
In 91 day all factors,amount will be cleared and we have to put new money into the system
for example we can put $1000 dollars another time from I-Payout processor to system

Profitable Sunrise [SCAM]

Profitable Sunrise

Company Profitable Sunrise was founded by Roman Novak
(Americans of Polish descent) in 2006.
Originally the company was called Intereef Ltd. and in November 2011 has evolved into a Profitable Sunrise.

The company specializes in short-term loans with high values, so-called Bridge Loan .

These are loans with a value of at least $ 100,000 with a very high rate but it is practically available "immediately"
(Banking procedures take weeks). It could be described as "while loan" but with a very high value.
This is a market gap, which effectively fills Profitable Sunrise

The company currently employs 120 people, serves approximately 13,000 customers around the world and provided loans of over $ 400 million.
Current potential of the company allows it to support up to 30,000 clients and lending to $ 1.5 billion..
The company is growing very quickly which is supported by the economic crisis and the growing demand for loans.
Company deposits are insured investment bank HML (Hard Money Loans)
Profitable Sunrise has a very large customer base, especially in China. This database is growing.

The message of the company are:

1. Charitable activities
2. Quality and customer satisfaction
3. Profit

Who may need a loan "bridge loan". Imagine a company employing hundreds of people in need to pay $ 100,000 for employees on X. It can happen, and it happens more and more often, the contractor of the company is late with payments. Our company has to pay wages on time, because if he does not threaten its legal consequences.

And here comes the Profitable Sunrise with its offer.

Because Profitable Sunrise provides short-term high-interest loans must also have a power source of its assets. This is the source of long-term high-interest deposits from businesses and individuals.

The Company has the following investment plans: 1-4-plans available for acceding normal person and plan No. 5 - the plan applies only to organized groups and concerned individuals acceding to our group.

1. Starter Plan

deposit of $ 10 - $ 500
daily interest rate of 1.6% (interest is calculated only on weekdays)
possible accumulation of capital (daily adding to the base interest rate)
period of 180 days deposit
Interest can be paid daily, the capital is paid after the expiry of the deposit period

2. Regular Plan

deposit of $ 500 - $ 2500
daily interest rate of 1.8% (on weekdays)
possible accumulation (as above)
period of 180 days deposit
daily interest payments, capital after 180 days

3. Advanced Plan

deposit above $ 2500
daily interest rate of 2% (on weekdays)
possible accumulation
period of 180 days deposit
daily interest payments, capital after 180 days

4. Long Haul Plan

deposit of $ 500
daily interest rate of 2.7% (weekdays)
accumulation can only be up to 100% of the base
period of 240 days deposit
current plan to 01.03.2013

5. Private Plan

This plan applies only to organized groups.
I belong to a group that is individually determined% at the rate of 2.15%

Therefore, people registering in our group
We offer the following:
deposit from $ 10
daily interest rate of 2.15% (weekdays)
possible accumulation
period of 170 days deposit

daily interest payments, capital of 170 days

Profitable Sunrise also recommends additional salary for referring.

commission on capital and interest earned on the first level of recommendation is 5%br /> commission on capital and interest earned on the second level of recommendation is 2%
commission on capital and interest earned on the third level of recommendation is 1%

The procedure for registration in the group of 2.15% in profitablesunrise:

-We go to the website: http://www.profitablesunrise.com

or click on the link Reference: https://www.profitablesunrise.com/?upline=darcioswk

- Click on: Signup
- Site login: enter your username, which will be used to login as a login
and to serve the next person to register to inscribed the name of the column: Your Upline
(You insert in Your Upline darcioswk)
(if someone registers for a referral link to the heading Your Upline fills itself automatically login Upline)
- we give email, then we set the password and repeat it
- Then we set the secret password to confirm transactions
- Your Upline in place if it is not listed you enter my login: darcioswk
- Timezone - select UTC + 0
- Main Currency- USD

Registration is best done under the supervision of the "upline" person by skype

Details of the action plan in the menu on the right side - Description

Genesis Project - PrimusHub - successor Wealth For All Team

New Wealth 468

The Action Plan

Wealth4All is in the past. With legislative reasons.
The law did not allow the program to survive. It was created a new platform called Primus Hub.
So officially was made private Club. The American government didn't close more than 70 such clubs
Therefore Wealth4All Board, decided on just such a form.

People who will register on the old site W4AT till the end of October, will pay $ 1 lifetime membership for entry into the Club.
All registered after that date, pay $ 14.95 per year.
(in Account Status tab is a link [Click here] for the contract wchich you must sign, in the option Make a Payment you can pay membership wchich costs $ 1)

Primus Hub members will have several opportunities to earn.

1. Primus Social - social system
2. Primus Auctions - penny auctions
3. Primus Marketing - 2x20 matrix
4. Primus Ads - Ads
5. Primus Mall - shop

If you decide you want to join the matrix, the monthly fee will apply in the amount of $ 12.95..
In addition to this fee, condition receiving profits from the matrix, will direct sponsoring a minimum of two people..
They also need to be active, ie should pay a monthly subscription. The matrix earn commissions referrals to the fifth level.
Next the matrix is ​​filled in automatically by the system.

In a few days will start a new page.
Everyone will have to re-register.
Club pays special attention to business ethics.

Page W4AT will operate until the end of payments Adv. Unit Value.
For each AU has been charged $ 0.90.
Payment will be made systematically, at the moment, once a month.
In the case of good standing of the club, the waiting time for Payment will be shortened or the money will be paid once.

Currently, funds from the E-Wallet Balance Available, can be used for the purchase of Founders Shares or withdraw.
But you have to consider certain conditions.

If you have no funds higher than 50 $, we can withdraw a one-off.
If you have the funds $ 50 ÷ $ 200, you can withdraw only 20%.
Above 200 $ you can withdraw only 10%.
The next withdraw will be on November 15. So you should not worry, that only $ 20 and only 10% can be paid now
Then on Nov. 15 will be able to withdraw the entire amount.
This will happen because the newly formed association does not know how many people will buy the shares and how many will not buy, how many people will join the program, etc.

Already you can see, once again, that the owners will not let W4AT do harm to its members and you have to appreciate it.
This uncommon venture created by an unheard-of people.
Danny Cianciulli and the rest of the partners and many volunteers admins, I think one of the unsung heroes can be Victor Ronzulli - the guy who came up with the plan W4AT
This honest people so that W4AT program was one of the most pleasant surprises in 2011 and 2012.
W4AT proved to be one of the best online businesses in 2012.
Genesis is a new project will be a long-term program that will allow many people to earn good money.
Join fair project. It's so hard to find an honest business on the Internet.
Link to the conference about the new project: W4A & PrimusHub Most Recent Updates
On the internet you can find lots of information on the founder of W4AT, which is Danny Cianciulli.i.
He is a passionate fan of God and certainly a good man.
His biography is published on the W4AT and many social networking sites.

Invested capital: 828$ + bonus 10% = 910$ = 36.432 Found Shares (15 October 2012)
Withdraw: 0%
Last withdraw -

The program accepts only unique eWallet called i-Payout, represented as globalewallet.com.

Online since: October 2011 (W4AT)

Details of the action plan in the right menu - Description of operation

You can join the program by link - Primus Hub (Primus Social Prelaunch)Genesis Project


How to register?

First Click on the Join Now button..

Then a window will appear


Desired Username: Your Nick

Create password: Password

and e-mail, telephone, codes of image

and click Sign UP

3rd On the next page you will get the address of your reflink

I got reflink


4) If possible use the Same user name you have with W4all, because if you have a card with i-Payout
it will be transferred to the new i-Payout for PrimusHub,
if you do not use the same username you will have to buy a new card.
5) Once you are signed up, you will receive an email from the system and primushub.ewallet.com so you can set up your I-payout account.

Link to log into i-Payout https://primushub.globalewallet.com/MemberLogin.aspx

Look at this: https://www.facebook.com/wealth4allteampage?ref=stream