Historia Hyip

Hyip is High Return Investment Program (High Yield investmen Program). HYIP is a long history and dates back to about the year 1900, when the first HYIP programs, designed to raise funds to explore the fields of investment, etc

Hyip % % % %

The logic of a large return and its mechanism is simple. If someone has the knowledge and capabilities of extracting iron ore freighter in the other hemisphere, carry it to Europe, smelting and sale of intermediate or finished product to earn per share 100-150-200% in 3 months and is a millionaire so that a 150-200% richer and has nothing to do with HYIP. The problem arises, however, when this process you need to put your money. A group of people drastically decreases. Almost to zero. What to do but to carry ore and earn? You need to find investors and profit share...


Therefore, there is HYIP (version offline) since 1900, an individual who does not know the ways of transportation, smelting, marketing, technology, etc, but Offering cash could go to an agent in Manhattan HYIP and sign an agreement to obtain a high return on investment for a specified period of time (like investment such as a year with guaranteed 100% return). Everyone would like to try ... It is not so easy - such companies exist and prosper well. If you have U.S. $ 500,000.00 all the doors are open to you and that was all.

Przepływ gotówki

Probably because not many people know Hyip programs, because they were always out of reach. But all is not lost. With the increasing power of the Internet, the emergence of e-currencies, also appeared HYIP programs that open possibilities for the masses. They work in the same way as of offline, so that the money does not collect on investment from 3 to 10 people, and from 1000 to 50000, with the result that the amount of investment required is reduced to for example 10 or $ 50, giving similar phrases as millionaires. Profit for the masses - nothing but invest. Well, unfortunately it is not that easy. The web is full of scammers looking for easy profits ... Invest carefully after a detailed analysis of all available information.