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On the internet there are a lot of companies and investments programs offering a high rate of profit in a relatively short period of time. Indeed, the return on investment of this type is incomparably higher than such income arising from locating the deposit money banks. Although these programs were created and produced a large amount of still only a few are carried out in accordance with the fundamental principles of law. Profits Hyip most programs have to take to invest in the Forex markets, foreign exchange and stock markets offer great possibilities of profit. Unfortunately, only a few Hyip have such a scheme of action. It often happens that the money participants are invested and the profits anywhere older participants are paid money junior investors. This then becomes a classic scheme of 'Ponzi'. The pyramid which probably earn only those who are at the top of the structure. Some investors in the scheme did not earn a dime and irrevocably lose the money invested.

Do you invest in Hyip? Carefully study programs available on the internet Hyip. Look at the detail:

- Who is the administrator of the program Hyip? Is not it already known on the internet fraud?

- How big is the popularity of the program - use the Alexa ranking.

- Web service, whether it is modern and functional.

- Is there a contact given to the company?

- How fast does the company support?

- What payment processing company uses. For processors Payza and PayPal can recover part of the contribution invested by the assumption of a dispute.

- Track the status of the program on all monitors Hyip.

Sample statistics and monitors for AVO.net

I recommend using google and searching for any information regarding the Hyip-a on the internet before any investment.

I also recommend investing test before pay any money to see how big is the risk of investing real money.

You also need to remember that every Hyip, even this functioning on fair terms due to the high interest rates poses a certain risk

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