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Company registered in Panama. The creator of the project is the German Thorsten Albers who has over 12 years of experience. He worked among others in the company OrganoGold. Planned start is October 2012.

Falkito - a company registered in Panama, who wants to change our lives ...


Program will be earned:

  a) penny auctions 
  b) earnings from advertising
  c) private auctions - Users will be able to expose their own auctions
  d) soon we'll find out more...

It's good already subscribe to Falkito. During opening - Pre-launch, we can save the VFP position - very first person. All individuals with access to the VFP status distribution of 3% of the worldwide turnover of the pool. With the ability to inherit!ia !!


There are 3 types of memberships :

  a) Bronze : 99€ once and 39€ every month- we get 100 bid,
  b) Silver : 249€ once i 59€ every month - we get 250 bid,
  c) Gold : 599€ once i 89€ every month - we get 600 bid.

You can join to the program by link - Falkito

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

Ultimate PowerProfits or Paradigm Shift is a new, very promising program based among other things on auction cents (called penny auction), and you will reap the benefits from other sources, such as the sale of consumer products. Cream MLM in Canada and the United States creates a founding team, Skipper Todd, Grace Randall, Brian Spatola, Phil Wright, and many other well-known MLM leaders. The founder and owner of the company is Scott Evans. Revenue in the company created by the advertising auction portal (gold, silver, jewelry and other high-end products). The commission is paid 6 times a month. Ultimate Power Profits will give a lot of opportunities to earn.

Paradigm Shift business is different from other systems, stable, based on a number of pillars and providing benefits regardless of whether it is recommended or not.


3 different compensation plans :

  a) Global ProfitPool (Ultimate PowerProfits)
  b) Infinity
  c) Spinfinity

You will work in all plans at the same time.
The program is in pre-launch phase. You can sign up. Program is going to be really good. Those registered after August 29 will not have the right to profit company, but will be entitled to register and 25% for the referral. GlobalOne, the company that stands behind UltimatePowerProfits are not one and the many business centers. Auctions, products mainly of bio-science. Now, if someone does not want to risk please register for free, get your referral link and share it with others. When the program will be paid to all members. Now is the best time to invite a friend, just in case ... Training webinars in English after signing up on the website, in the option "News"

Accept I-Payout -

Registration - Paradigm Shift