Profitable Sunrise [SCAM]

Profitable Sunrise

Company Profitable Sunrise was founded by Roman Novak
(Americans of Polish descent) in 2006.
Originally the company was called Intereef Ltd. and in November 2011 has evolved into a Profitable Sunrise.

The company specializes in short-term loans with high values, so-called Bridge Loan .

These are loans with a value of at least $ 100,000 with a very high rate but it is practically available "immediately"
(Banking procedures take weeks). It could be described as "while loan" but with a very high value.
This is a market gap, which effectively fills Profitable Sunrise

The company currently employs 120 people, serves approximately 13,000 customers around the world and provided loans of over $ 400 million.
Current potential of the company allows it to support up to 30,000 clients and lending to $ 1.5 billion..
The company is growing very quickly which is supported by the economic crisis and the growing demand for loans.
Company deposits are insured investment bank HML (Hard Money Loans)
Profitable Sunrise has a very large customer base, especially in China. This database is growing.

The message of the company are:

1. Charitable activities
2. Quality and customer satisfaction
3. Profit

Who may need a loan "bridge loan". Imagine a company employing hundreds of people in need to pay $ 100,000 for employees on X. It can happen, and it happens more and more often, the contractor of the company is late with payments. Our company has to pay wages on time, because if he does not threaten its legal consequences.

And here comes the Profitable Sunrise with its offer.

Because Profitable Sunrise provides short-term high-interest loans must also have a power source of its assets. This is the source of long-term high-interest deposits from businesses and individuals.

The Company has the following investment plans: 1-4-plans available for acceding normal person and plan No. 5 - the plan applies only to organized groups and concerned individuals acceding to our group.

1. Starter Plan

deposit of $ 10 - $ 500
daily interest rate of 1.6% (interest is calculated only on weekdays)
possible accumulation of capital (daily adding to the base interest rate)
period of 180 days deposit
Interest can be paid daily, the capital is paid after the expiry of the deposit period

2. Regular Plan

deposit of $ 500 - $ 2500
daily interest rate of 1.8% (on weekdays)
possible accumulation (as above)
period of 180 days deposit
daily interest payments, capital after 180 days

3. Advanced Plan

deposit above $ 2500
daily interest rate of 2% (on weekdays)
possible accumulation
period of 180 days deposit
daily interest payments, capital after 180 days

4. Long Haul Plan

deposit of $ 500
daily interest rate of 2.7% (weekdays)
accumulation can only be up to 100% of the base
period of 240 days deposit
current plan to 01.03.2013

5. Private Plan

This plan applies only to organized groups.
I belong to a group that is individually determined% at the rate of 2.15%

Therefore, people registering in our group
We offer the following:
deposit from $ 10
daily interest rate of 2.15% (weekdays)
possible accumulation
period of 170 days deposit

daily interest payments, capital of 170 days

Profitable Sunrise also recommends additional salary for referring.

commission on capital and interest earned on the first level of recommendation is 5%br /> commission on capital and interest earned on the second level of recommendation is 2%
commission on capital and interest earned on the third level of recommendation is 1%

The procedure for registration in the group of 2.15% in profitablesunrise:

-We go to the website:

or click on the link Reference:

- Click on: Signup
- Site login: enter your username, which will be used to login as a login
and to serve the next person to register to inscribed the name of the column: Your Upline
(You insert in Your Upline darcioswk)
(if someone registers for a referral link to the heading Your Upline fills itself automatically login Upline)
- we give email, then we set the password and repeat it
- Then we set the secret password to confirm transactions
- Your Upline in place if it is not listed you enter my login: darcioswk
- Timezone - select UTC + 0
- Main Currency- USD

Registration is best done under the supervision of the "upline" person by skype

Registration link -

Statistics and monitors:

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