Carbon Deals

Investment Plan

Carbondeals offers the opportunity to double their capital in two months.
through active participation in new and exciting markets for carbon credits.
The company wants to play an important role in protecting the environment for future generations.
Loans are generated from projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or increase their absorption.
Examples include installation of renewable energy or reforestation projects.
Savings are achieved from the sale of carbon credits that are treated as an investment
and sold at a large profit because demand for them is growing rapidly.
This creates an additional source of income for the vendor loans and makes investments in clean energy are more attractive to investors.
Carbon credits are sold on the market and purchased by individuals or organizations who want to offset their emissions.
Administrator is Peter Neperus.

Investment plans:

- Clean Fuel Plan
8.0% per week for the investment of $ 20 - $ 500 - a total return of 108% - 34% monthly ROI

- Efficient Energy Plan
10% of the week for investments in two weeks $ 20 - $ 5000 - a total return of 120% - 43% monthly ROI

- Gas Recovery Plan
5.2% daily for 28days investment, $ 20 - $ 5000 - a total return of 146% - 49% monthly ROI

- Biomass Plan
4.2% daily for investment 42dni, $ 20 - $ 5000 - a total return of 176% - 54% monthly ROI

- Hydro Power Plan
3.8% daily for investment 56dni, $ 20 - $ 5000 - a total return of 212% - 60% monthly ROI

- Wind Power Plan
3.6% daily for investment 70dni, $ 20 - $ 5000 - a total return of 252% - 66% monthly ROI

Profits can be paid daily.
The company does not offer compouding.
For every referral we receive 5% of its contribution to the investment.
Contact with administration can be obtained by: Facebook, Twitter, Live Support Chat.
The program was placed on a dedicated server with DDoS protection from BlackLotus. It also has SSL encryption from Rapid SSL.
Carbon Deals Inc
10 Smidesvagen Lane
Solna Business Park
Solna, Stockholm County
171 41 Sweden
Tel: +46 0855 922 869
Fax: +46 0855 922 869
Increasingly popular program in the network. There are already a lot of ads. Home service esthetic looks good.

Accept: Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve, STP, and EGOPay.

Online since: October 13, 2012.

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