Finvance [SCAM]

Investment Plan

We have the opportunity to invest in a plan for 28 days earning 8% per day. With a simple calculation shows that our final profit is 60% of the deposit paid. The program calculates the business day / 5 days a week / away within 28 days is 20 days business that gives 20 x 8% or 160% ROI. The minimum deposit is $ 20. It is possible to reinvest (Compound). There is no limit on the minimum payment for each referral we receive 5% of its contribution to investment payments are carried out 5 days a week (working days). Payouts are carried out quickly in a few hours.

Accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money

Online since: 2012-07-23

I invite you to invest because the program gives a large percentage. Hyip Monitor shows the status of Paying all the time.

Statistics and monitors:

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