W4AT Glossary:


Total Deposit
The sum of all payments including membership fee for 2013 year ($ 10)

Total Inwested
- The sum of all invested funds (Total Deposit minus membership fee ($ 10)

Maximum Payout
- - It is 150% of the Total Invested. If you invest $ 1,000 you can withdraw max $ 1500
to earn more in W4AT you should invest more money, eg $ 1,000 that you withdrawed to I-Payout ($ 500 for example you can withdraw by prepaid card from I-Payout)

Cumulative Inwestment
- It is the sum of Total Invested plus Reinvestment from Re-invest Bucket
The mathematical formula - Cumulative Investment = Total Invested + Re-Invest Bucket we use every day.
Every day we add by option ADD FUNDS 50% of our daily profits from Re-Invest Bucket.
Each day the amount of Cumulative Inwestment grows by 1.05%, this is half of the daily income.
Daily earnings in two baskets Re-Invest Bucket and Cash Bucket
grow thanks to this in the coming days

Daily Earnings
the amount of daily earnings to 2.1% of the sum of Cumulative Inwestment
If will not add by the option ADD FUNDS dolars from Re-Invest Bucket to system - earnings will constant
and for $ 1000 investment it will be $ 21 per day.

Cash Bucket
- Basket of dollars ready to pay - it is 50% of the amount of Cumulative Investment.
Money from Cash Bucket can be withdrawal per I-Payout money processor. Minimum withdrawal is $ 20
Commission is $ 1.25. Funds will be in I-Payout up to max 48 hours.

Re-Inwest Bucket
Basket of dollars for reinvestment - it is 50% of the amount of Cumulative Investment.
Money from Re-Invest Bucket we have to pay daily to system by ADD FUNDS option
This increasing the amount Cumulative Inwestment.

Total Withdrawn
this is the sum of withdrawals to I-Payout

Available Balance
Same as Cash Bucket

Total Balance
Cash Bucket and Re-Invest Bucket sum

Accumulated Payout
- Is the total amount of money possible to withdraw (and alredy withdrawed)
It is of course related to the sum wchich we "invested"
oraz ewentualnymi działaniami wykorzystującymi subkonto reinvest.
Accumulated Payout value can grow up to the level set by the Maximum Payout.

- Commission in the direction I-payout-> w4at is zero.
Commission in the direction w4at-> I-payout is $1.25.
Minimum withdrawal to I-payout processor is $20.
Withdrawal funds will be in I-payout processor in max 48 hours

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